Frequently asked questions. 

How does the cleanse work?

The lining of the intestinal wall needs a chance to heal itself and seal the cracks. By reducing and removing toxic triggers and nourishing your body with clean foods, your intestines and digestive system will perform at optimal function. You will incorporate some of my favorite healing spices, foods, and dishes to help the body eliminate toxins and cleanse the blood. During the 30 days you will follow a protocol with 4 products (not included in price) and follow a grocery shopping list and suggested meal plan. 

What will I be eating?

Although I don't normally like to put a label on diets because it can cause anxiety around food, the basic meal plan of the cleanse involves an eating lifestyle loosely titled 'Pegan." It is a cross between a Paleo and a Vegan. It is centered organic fruits, vegetables, lean meats like chicken, turkey, wild-caught salmon, raw nuts, and a small amount of grain. There is a special blood cleansing meal that involves rice and mung beans that will assist in detoxing the body. There are meal suggestions and recipes to get you started and a grocery list for you to follow along the way.  The meals include superfood smoothies and power breakfast recipes, hearty soups, salads and crock-pot meals that are both delicious and easy to put together. Family friendly too! The meals are higher in protein and fat and minimal in carbohydrate to boost the metabolism and reduce inflammation. If you do not eat meat, you will still be able to do this cleanse.

Who is the cleanse good for?

This plan is good for anyone who experiences minor daily discomfort of digestion such as heartburn or bloating all the way to a more chronic case like IBS or Chrohn's. The diet is also very healing for people with autoimmune diseases like rhuematoid arthritis, MS, psoriasis, ezcema, migraines, and hormonal imbalance like infertility and PCOS. This is also a good plan to follow if you are looking to lose weight and have been having trouble in the past. 

Will I take supplements or anything during the program?

Prior to beginning the cleanse, you will want to purchase these 4 items. They are pivotal in the cleansing process as they all serve a purpose. You will use them in the am and the pm in a specific order and protocol that you will receive with the cleanse to aid in the elimination of toxins. You can purchase them using the link below or you can simply pick them up at any health foods store.

1. Bragg's apple cider vinegar

2. Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice

3. Artisana Organic Coconut Oil

4. Banyan Botanicals Kitchari Spice

Once the cleanse is finished, you will receive one final email to help guide you back into eating out and following the lifestyle so you can heal your gut for good and continue to feel amazing. Don't forget, you will have a 30 minute one-on-one phone session to use with me to personalize your experience and ask questions to move forward. There will always be a chance to purchase more sessions at a discounted price if you need further assistance. 

If you have additional questions that have not been answered on this page, you can email me anytime at You can purchase the cleanse below and your first into email will follow shortly after. There is a 5 day prep period before the actual 30 days begins.  The emails will be yours forever so you can feel free to take your time and go through how you feel will best honor your body. I look forward to workiung with you and assisting you on your health and wellness journey.