What to expect

It's time to break free from yo-yo dieting and intense workout plans!

The 6 month program was designed with the individual in mind. Jaclyn Renee Wellness is about creating long-term lifestyle changes and healthy habits. However, that cannot happen in a 28 day fix. Things like this take time. Each session we will focus on 1 or 2 recommendations and allow time to really adapt these into our current lifestyle. Over the course of 6 months, these changes add up to a big impact on your health. You will expect to see these changes during your program:

  • lose weight
  • more energy
  • clear skin
  • balances hormone levels
  • healthy blood levels in physicals
  • less bloating or digestive issues
  • better general health
  • positive self-image
  • calm mind and self-awareness
  • focus and drive 

Since every 6 month program is tailored to the individual, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what we will cover. We will focus on your needs first and de-code your body healing it from the inside out. You can expect support and tough love as you enter your new journey to health. Some of the items we will cover will help you make being healthy an easy thing for you The areas of focus in the program include my 3 pillars for wellness; Nourish. Balance. Thrive.

What do I get

With the purchase of the program, you will have guidance and foundation. Here is a list of things you can expect to get with the program:

  • 12 60-minute sessions every other week (2 each month)
  • A personalized program tailored to your needs
  • Accountability and growth
  • Email and phone support in between sessions
  • Informational handouts, recipes and goal forms 
  • Sports foam roller to utilize for one of our sessions

** The 6 month program can be done in person or via phone

This price for this program paid in full is $1,500. If you would like payment plan options please contact me separately.