Grocery shopping and meal prepping is a very important part of the cleanse, and for maintenance after too. Take time out on Sunday and Wednesday of each week to shop and prep ahead of time so you will not be scrambling for food each day. The meal plan suggested below is just that... suggestions. Feel free to mix and match meals r put your own spin on them. Not in the mood to follow a recipe? Simply take foods from the grocery list and make you own. The main goal is to be eating the whole foods off of the grocery list and eating 3 meals a day. Each meal listed below has a printable PDF attached to it. 


I recommend eating breakfast withing 90 minutes of rising. Incorporate fruits into your meal and try not to eat on the run. 

Green Goddess Smoothie
Banana Cleansing Smoothie
Chia seed pudding
Coconut yogurt with flax and berries
Breakfast turkey sausages with avocado
Spinach omelet with avocado
Loaded Baked sweet potato


I recommend eating lunch 4-5 hours after breakfast. This gives the digestoive system enough time to rest in between meals.

Stir-fry salad bowl
Loaded green salad
Veggie collard wrap with nut meat
Ground turkey stuffed sweet potato
Indian chicken breast with sauteed greens
Khichari (should be consumed 3 times a week during cleanse)
Leftover dinner - make extra dinner to have for lunch the next day (time-saver)


Remember that you will want at least 12-14 hours of not eating from your last meal to breakfast. Time dinner accordingly.

Turkey lettuce wraps
Chicken and broccoli bowl
Green and Grain salad bowl
Turmeric baked salmon with baked zucchini
Detox carrot soup with spiced ground turkey
Baked portabella burger with sweet potato "fries"
Momma's baked chicken (when you need something hearty on the cleanse)


Liver detox drink
CUt up veggies
Fruit and nut butter
Make your own trailmix