The Details

Higher Haven is a magical place right in our mitten backyard in South Haven, Michigan.

The property is owned by ceremony leader and woodsman Paul Tootalian where he host many retreats. The day retreat is filled with yoga, meditation, grounding in the forest, delicious vegan food, and a full ssweat lidge ceremony to stimulate your senses, find clarity in your thoughts, and begin a new day with positive thoughts and emotions. Renewing mind, body and soul, these practices foster a deep, inner calm, offering a healing balm that reduces stress as well as physical, mental and emotional ailments. 

 Paul Tootalian, Owner of Higher Haven Retreat and ceremony master. He leads us through the day with his wisdom and beautiful singing voice. 

Paul Tootalian, Owner of Higher Haven Retreat and ceremony master. He leads us through the day with his wisdom and beautiful singing voice. 

The Schedule

7:00 AM - Arrive at Jaclyn's house in Farmington Hills for free talk and breakfast smoothies
8:00 AM - Jump in the cars and enjoy the open road to the sounds of old school R & B jams #happyplace
10:30 AM - Arrive at Higher Haven property and set up for the day
11:00 AM - Yoga with the goddess teacher Soojin KIm (details of the yoga below) 
12:00 PM - Locally delivered gluten-free & vegan lunch
1:30 PM - forest walk and grounding time (nourish with nature) 
2:15 PM - meditation education and group practices
3:30 PM - Sweat lodge ceremony
7:00 PM - Potluck dinner and story sharing
8:00 PM - Head home with a new outlook on life (and more R & B jams of course)
10:30 PM - Arrive back at Jaclyn's


The Yoga

Arise. Align. Amplify. A slow burn practice led by Yoga Goddess Soojin Kim. 

Meet your day with clarity and purpose. Connect to what makes you feel most alive and worthy. Join Soojin for a guided practice of movement meditation and pranyama to anchor you in the present moment. A practice of slow flow within alignment and exploration focusing on opening the heart center.

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The Food

Food is love and nourishment for the soul. 

Holistic Health Coach Jaclyn Renee will be fueling our day and nourishing our souls with a plant-based gluten-free vegan lunch. Fill your plate with the colors of the rainbow and enjoy conversation with the other guests before we take some time for forest walks and grounding practices. 

Awaken the spirit and become unstuck. Find clarity and purpose. 

The sweat lodge ceremony is is beautiful. We gather under the teepee together on the ground and Paul brings in heated stones one by one (properly named "Grandmother" stones) to build the heat in the lodge. There are 3 rounds. In the first round, we listen. Paul sings from his soul and invites us into the ceremony. The second round is for prayer. Introducing yourself and sharing your worry, thoughts, emotions, and fears and asking for prayer to heal. The thrid round is for forgiveness and healing. We sing together more and then free ourselves of the stress. The ceremony is followed by a potluck dinner and celebration of all good things. 

The Ceremony

The retreat cost includes your breakfast smoothie, transportation to and from the retreat, yoga, lunch, and ceremony.   You will only be required to bring your bag of clothes (full detail after sign-up) and a dish to pass for the potluck of your choice. We are extremely excited to open this retreat up to our friends and colleagues. It's a magical experience that will open your heart to love and happiness. We're looking forward to sharing the day and hope to see you there! 


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