Ready. Set. Prep. 

An in-home personal chef experience with food prep and ready-made meals for the week


Let's face it. Living a healthy lifestyle is exhausting! You have your grocery shopping days, your prep days, and your planning days. Don't even get me started on pleasing everyone in the house. When did we become short order cooks??

We all feel 100 times better when we eat healthy meals but it can be so much more convenient to grab & go. 

What if I told you that you could sit back, relax, spend more time with the kids, or work late and not have to worry about the pressure of making meals?

Well... now you can!!

I have teamed up with a personal cook to create healthy meal plans and JRW approved recipes that she prepares in your own home for you to have through the whole week. 


Adorable right?

But do not let her sweet smile fool you. She's a true #bossbabe. Founder and CEO of The Culinary Nest, Megan is a personal cook by day setting up private dinners and corporate events and a food blogger by night.  I have had the honor of tasting her delicious meals and it's the very reason I wanted to team up with her. Plus, I'm a sucker for a woman re-inventing themselves and building their own company.

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Ready. Set. Prep. Details...

Our collaboration consist of 3 different plans you can choose from to customize your personal experience. Every client will begin with an assessment of health history and goals by Jaclyn to create a personalized meal plan specific to your needs & wants. The Initial session is $100 and will need to be updated as goals and plans change

The personal cook packages: 


Includes easy and healthy foods prepared at the beginning of the week to simplify your life. Think of Meg as your food prep fairy. Meals include food like:

hard-boiled eggs
ready-to-blend smoothies
chia pudding
healthy muffins or bars
fruit and veggies chopped and ready to eat
side salads
dips and more


The most popular package includes breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner meals that are all prepped and ready to go with minimal instructions to finish so you food feels more fresh. For example, she preps chops all the veggies and slices chicken and ,makes a marinade for it all and all you have to do is stir-fry for 15 minutes. Easy right?


If you are lazy like me (no shame in the game) then this is the package for you. All meals will be prepped, cooked and stored. All you have to do is pop the lid and throw it in the oven to warm it up. 
All packages are customization to meals types and family size. We can also accommodate any food allergy. 

All pricing - $100 an hour plus groceries. 

Trust us... we did the math. For a family of four eating out every night and most lunches, the up front investment is totally worth it! You'll always know what you are eating is JRW Approved and healthy for you and you won't have to scramble ever again. 

DISCLAIMER: Because we are simply two girls trying to change the food game right now, we are currently only accepting 2-4 family spots depending on the job. 

All food will be prepped and stored on Monday or Tuesday and the max family members is 6. 

So what are you waiting for? Space is limited!

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