30 minutes - phone only

If you've tried everything under the sun to heal your and it's just not working, then it's time for a holistic approach. Let's get to know one another! In this 30 minute appointment, we will go over your health history, currents issues, and future goals to come up with a personalized program for you. This way you can understand more about what I do and what I can do to help you. I currently have two programs to choose from and I can help you decide which one is right for you. 



Creating a healthy foundation is at the core of optimal gut health. My 6-week program will assist you in beginning your healing journey by providing you with the education and support you need. Over the course of the program you will receive videos, handouts, homework, and tips to keep you on track and help you break free from bloating, digestive distress, and chronic inflammation of the gut.  Once you purchase the program, you have LIFETIME access to the information and to the private Facebook support group. 

To purchase my 6-week online program, you can click 'learn more' below or book a consultation above to connect with me and talk about the prpogram. 



Advanced Gut Health Program

Feel like you've tried everything to improve your gut health and nothing is working? 

Sick of feeling sick even when you feel like you are living and eating healthy?

My 3-month mentor-ship is the next step for you. I will assist you through your healing journey by using your health history and current symptoms to privde you with an action plan for success. The gut is a very complicated system. Furthermore, every single client has different needs. I do not have a one size fits all diet or plan for the clients in this program. Each client will receive a personalized plan for their own symptoms and goals. This is known as bio-individuality. Throughout the 3 months we will fine-tune  this program so you will feel your best by the end. To enter into my 3-month mentor-ship, you must book a consultation with me so I can make sure you are ready for the program and that we are a good fit. You can do so by clicking the link below.