Jaclyn’ 6-week program “Break Free From Bloating” has taught me so much about what I am putting into my body as well as my overall lifestyle. From cleaner items all throughout my home to practicing new ways of self-care, I have learned so much! I feel like I finally have my stress and anxiety under control, and I am overall a happier, healthier person. It’s great to know that if I were to have a setback at some point, that I can refer back to all of the information and videos from this program to help get me back on track. I also love that things I have learned have rubbed off onto family members and friends who have seen how much positive change this program has brought into my life, and now they are making better choices for themselves.
— Paige Bassano

My daughter was a client of Jaclyn’s and I am amazed at what the two of them accomplished in 6 weeks. Not only is Paige a healthier and happier person, she looks fantastic. Thank you so very much for helping her make an incredible lifestyle change!
— Patty Bassano
Before I started working with Jaclyn I would have daily digestive issues, stomach pains and diarrhea. After going through her 6 week program my body FINALLY started to feel better. I felt like I could live my life again without worrying about if I was going to feel good or not.”
— Carolyn McQueen

Every woman deserves to thrive and having Jaclyn as my personal “go to” health guide has not only helped me but my growing family. Jaclyn’s advice has allowed me to make smarter a decisions during pregnancy, postpartum, and now raising young children. Learning to nurture myself and seeing the effects through proper diet, healthy food options and exercise has given me the courage to question recommendations from doctors and find natural alternatives for my family. We are all much healthier thanks to her expertise.
— Roxanna Genova

Jaclyn’s program has dramatically changed the way I look at food and has helped curb my consumption of empty calories. I considered myself a healthy eater prior to using the stress free gluten-free guide. But I never had a plan. This resulted in buying food that was never eaten, not eating enough in the morning and binging in the evening, and stress at dinner time when I scrambled to cook for my family. Armed with this plan, I’m making better choices and feeling better than ever!
— Jessie Bell

Jaclyn, when we talked towards the end of February you suggested I start your Flat Tummy Guide for six weeks and I did (I still am). I had told you about my condition with IBS. I will admit I was a bit discouraged seeing many people post results, and not seeing any on my end, but I kept at it and I feel that it is 60%-70% better! THANK YOU! I also told you that I have NAFLD stage 3-4 and my specialist said it would not get any better. You said you that we were going to prove him wrong. 😏 I received my results from my first scan today and it has SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED!!!! My Dr. said that this is almost never seen in my condition. THANK YOU sooooo very much! I’m actually crying while I write this. I have a way to go and so much more to learn, but I am optimistic.

I have gained so much knowledge from you and made a beneficial life style change thanks to you! Thank you soooooo much! You are a blessing! Xo
— Nicole

Jaclyn, I wanted you to know that I am so glad I signed up for this program. I have already learned so much... I always thought I was a “healthy” eater even though I have these severe acid reflux/throat issues, but I am realizing now that there is/was a lot I didn’t know and that i need to do better. I am learning so much! I always felt that buying organic from Whole Foods was enough, but I was mistaken. Need to pay closer attention. Thank you for teaching me!!
— Jenna Diamond

I have been working with Jaclyn for a little over 3 months now. Prior to working with Jaclyn, I was constantly bloated and always having stomach aches and cramps. I was unsure what to eat; I thought I was eating “healthy” but was unknowingly eating, drinking and using foods/products that disrupted my digestive track. I also was spending hundreds of dollars every month on vitamins. Since my initial visit with Jaclyn I have gained a ton of knowledge about everyday food choices as well as mindfulness & self-care. I also get all the nutrients I need from food now.

In addition to the digestive issues I was having I also found myself bed written for 1-2 days every time my cycle came. I was having debilitating cramps, headaches and crazy food cravings. Since working with Jacyln, every month I have seen my symptoms improve- it took time for sure but steady improvments have occurred . Just this past month I did not spend any days in bed with cramps, I was at work, at the gym and in yoga class!! I without a doubt believe that Jaclyn’s guidance was a pivotal factor in breaking this painful cycle- literally!
— Ashley Semelsberger

These past few weeks with Jaclyn have been incredible! I thought I lived a pretty healthy life prior to meeting with her, but I have learned so much that I can now look back and say my habits weren’t actually all that great. She’s been so helpful and supportive through my 6 week elimination process and now my reincorporation process. I’ve learned more about food, my body and the effects they have on each other than I have in my whole life. Countless doctors, tests and over the counter medications have failed me in the past, so I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Jaclyn and find a real fix to my issues. I can confidently say that I feel much better now (only 6 weeks in) than I ever have! It’s been a process, and a tough one, but so worth it!
— Brittni DiTomasso

I am so happy that I have been introduced to Jaclyn! Within 3 days, with her advice, my chronic cough is gone as well as my nausea. I am now able to actually enjoy eating again! You are a pleasure to work with. I truly look forward to our sessions full of great tips, recipes and next steps. Thank you Jaclyn.” #ontheroadtowellness
— Jody Toth

Jaclyn is truly a blessing. She is calming and comforts her clients. With her I learned how to control my issues with food and find a deeper love for myself. She is loving, supportive and vibrant and I am forever grateful to have worked with her.
— Danielle Charest

I worked with Jaclyn prior to my wedding and I could not have been happpier with the results. I trusted and embraced her guidance on nutrition, self-care, and fitness and it paid off. Jaclyn does not overwhelm her clients, as she helps them in phases, tackling one area of improvement at a time. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain more control over their health.
— Kelsey Rossi

I am so glad that I scheduled a pantry clean-out with Jaclyn. In addition to having a cleaner pantry, I learned a lot about nutrition and healthy eating habits. She took the time to help me set up an online account to purchase groceries. I appreciate her knowledge and patience.
— Jackie Piceu
I have met with so many nutritionists and functional medicine doctors over the years. The difference in working with Jaclyn is that she really takes the time to listen and understands her clients wellness issues. She then creates an individualized program specific to her clietns needs. Jaclyn is passionate and her desire to help people is evident in her programs.
— Melanie Mack
I started working with Jaclyn 3 months ago and I have already met so many of my goals and lost 20 pounds. I am so very lucky to be able to work with someone who is so passionate about wanting to help people. I could not be happier.
— Jeff Hines
I have had the pleasure of working with Jaclyn on two different occasions. I couldn’t have been happier with both my encounters. She tailors everything to you personally, never providing you with cookie cutter solutions. I would highly recommend her for your health and wellness need. She is one of a kind and a true professional.
— Molly Folt
Jaclyn’s brain is full of knowledge. She is passionate about EVERYTHING! When you commit to a program with Jaclyn Renee Wellness, you are getting the entire package. She is generous with her time and will commit to making positive changes in your life.
— Shelley Paschke
Jaclyn has made a difference in my life. She is knowledgeable and motivating. I have made several diet changes and become more physically active. Thank you Jaclyn!
— Barbara Bronitsky
After giving birth to my fourth child, I was not happy with my weight gain. After meeting with Jaclyn she made me feel confident about my body and educated me in the right direction of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only for me but for my family as well. I am now in my pre-pregnancy clothes and loving it!
— Jennifer Hardin